Appreciate Those Around You



“Sometimes life plays a joke. It let us dive to the deepest oceans and hike to the highest mountains only to find what beauty is. While, there is beauty in all around us and all we have to do is just trying to see and appreciate its presence..”

Once my friend said “Every day is just same routine but different shit” and those words ringing in my head. Frankly said, I’m terribly bored with my routine and nothing excites me. In the meantime, I used to rest my back against the chair before start to work while starring blankly out the window. And that’s when thoughts begin to stir, all the while being gradually reminded of how unhappy I am.

I take a deep breath and continue my life. Then, one year has passed and this is my second year here. I was thinking maybe there are cool things outside waiting for me and I am not supposed to be here. My mind flew away, I imagined myself break this routine. Yet it doesn’t help tho, I begin to complain and I could feel my intense negative thoughts gradually tune out my gratitude.

I took a week off to breath the fresh air. I wish the magical thing happens and I will be happy afterwards but in fact, there’s no such magical things. I decided to visit park near the city and spend my day to read a book that I just bought. Heat of the sun almost burn my skin but I’m still continuing read it. It’s been awhile I didn’t look closely at my surrounding: the sun- the air- family and friends. I was so messed up lately and I can’t see that they are the simple things which keep me alive. Eventually, I just realized that happiness isn’t always about great things outside, it’s something around me that I have to appreciate its presence everyday (*)


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